Tips to Make Your Desert Safari in Dubai a Life-Time Experience

Thanks to all the essential promotion made by the Dubai Tourism Board, it is something that you certainly cannot miss when you are on a trip to the world’s most favorite emirate. This is certainly the typical Arab desert experience with all the rudiments thrown into one splendid package. Welcome to Desert safari in Dubai.

Not like the African safari, which’s the undoubted boss of safaris, you won’t get to see wild creatures during this safari, possibly a number of camels and maybe a rare wild ass! This barren land stretches into miles & miles of sand as far as your eyes can travel. You will explore the sand in 4x4 vehicles handled by expert drivers across and experience what’s called sand dune bashing. It is usually off-roading in the barren land and can get quite bumpy at times.

So, in this article I am going to give you some tips that may help you maximize your desert safari experience in Dubai. Let’s have a look at them:

Safeguard Yourself from the Unfavorable Rays of the Sun

Never depart your hotel room without putting sunscreen lotion on your screen. Though you will be in an A/c car during most of the time of your safari tour, it is still feasible to get nasty sunburns. You certainly can’t resist yourself to get out of your luxury vehicle and take pictures of amazing sand dunes. So, sun protection is much essential.

Apart from sunscreen lotion you should ensure that you have a sunglass on your eyes. It also won’t be a bad idea if you cover your face with something for supplementary protection against sand and dust.

Don’t Forget To Bring Your Camera

If you’re thinking that sand dunes are scorching, barren provinces, hang around until you get into the desert. The vista will leave you speechless, and you can’t resist yourself to pause and take a snapshot. So ensure that you have a camera that is fully charged and don’t forget to put some additional batteries in your travel bag as well.

Take Some Beverages with You

Due to the extreme temperature in the desert, you may feel thirsty in every five to ten minutes. Even though the tour last just twenty minutes, it is smart to carry adequate water with you. Though water is necessary, you can also take other beverages with you.

Plan Your Desert Safari During Sunset

The dusk in the Dubai desert is just as mesmerizing as the sand dunes. So you must plan your safari and ensure that you get into the desert around dusk. If you wish, you can go for a camel trek and that way your safari experience will be more adventurous.

Every joyful memory is best shared with somebody you hold close to your heart. It can be your family, a friend or your loved one. There’s something special regarding the Dubai desert that will help bring you and your dear ones even closer. So, don’t ever miss a chance to visit Dubai and experience everything that this wonderland has to offer.